Thursday, January 13, 2011

"You can't do backflips, you don't know karate, you're white trash!"

                I thought it was over. The terror, the agony, the time wasted, the hatred, the anger, and all other negative things associated. But what would you know…it came back to haunt me away from the school environment. Are you confused yet? What was the worst thing about traveling to and from classroom and also around campus? Not just the school I attended, but every school. And now it’s becoming a problem at the work place… Still confused?
The ROLLING BACKPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids don't know any better

                This might be the most irritating thing that I can think of. It’s a back pack…with wheels. So in theory, it becomes luggage at that point or a rolling bag. It may have straps on it to hoist on your back when need be, but no one ever does it.  This contraption has been haunting me for the last five years, easily. Pushing the sixth year, I thought that I would have escaped this monster by growing up and getting a real job. A job where it is cool to carry your materials in a satchel or sling bag, a job where you are given the most up to date work pc, and not to mention, a job at the largest computer manufacturer in the world. (I think)
                How did I get to this point in my life to where I actually did not like a piece of technology that has come out in the past 7 years? Let’s dive into the many situations to where I derive my “really grinds my gears” attitude:

They do have some cool designs out there

My height, 6’3’’, allows me to have a stride like a gazelle. So naturally, I walk faster than most average height people. But that’s ok. I have had to force myself to slow my stride when cruising around. Would I rather not? Of course, it’s unnatural for me to walk slow and since I have the means to get somewhere quickly, might as well use my god given attributes.
Rolling bags are; bulky, too big, over stuffed, and clearly over used. When someone is dragging one of these “things,” It does a  few things:
  1.  Takes up a wider range of space in a hallway or walkway
  2.  Makes one person seem like 2 people
  3.  Decreases walking speed because you have to drag a “weight” behind you
  4.  2 or more of these things equals roughly three people’s widths
  5.  People who drag them seem to not be in a hurry to get anywhere. They have an Austin driver’s attitude? Just enjoying the scenery.
  6. They really should be used for people who really need them. Not some young, fit 30 year old man. “I’ll need that man card back sir.”
  7. Should be limited to the airport restricted areas, because it is actually a piece of luggage
Ok so I could technically go on forever about this. But seriously people, do you really need to drag, and I really do mean drag, an oversized bag that has your work computer in it and maybe a charging cord? I saw a woman today on crutches, carrying a huge backpack. She had no help, no anything. She was toughing out her foot injury, carrying a purse and a loaded backpack. I would have thought someone like her would need wheels of some sort. This is the only way I can imagine it being appropriate at the work place.
Where was PETA when they took this picture?!
How I came to even begin this post was simple. Rolling backpacks did not become widely used until about 2005. (To my knowledge) I had seen them before but it usually was because teachers or professors used them to carry their school computers, graded papers, and then another bag full of newly printed assignments. So it was more like a dolly geared toward the academic environment. That’s fine by me. But once I got to the collegiate level of education, these things spread like the wildfires in the high seas. (Yes it doesn’t make sense; it is used to add dramatic effect) I could have sworn I saw at least 5-10 being carted into each auditorium that I had a lecture in, not to mention the beginning of a 5k weave through I had to maneuver just to get to my next class. These things really give a person a “second person” dimension. Once you start dragging it behind you, you really have the floor length of two people. “Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful!”
So yes I would say I am a person who has a place to be most of the time I am out and about doing activities. During my school years, I usually had to be at class or go to work. So I really had little time to waste getting my low impact cardio in for the day dodging these “rollers” as I will continue to refer to them. They really just get in the way. That is the bottom line. Unless you are carrying 20lbs of text books, put it on your back people. No wonder Americans are viewed so poorly. We take the easy way out. Not to mention we love our GMO’s and high fructose corn syrup. Makes my mouth water…SIKE!
Nerd Alert!
Recently discovered work findings have lead me to believe that nerds are just as lazy as us regular Americans. I was walking into work, around 8 a.m. as usual. Now I do have some leeway to when I exactly have to be there but I’ll admit, I am rarely here actually at 8. I am usually earlier. (You thought I was a non punctual worker) I digress. As usual I have a few doors I have to go through in order to get to my work area. Well who do you think was walking in front of me? Two “rollers.” Not one but two! Can you even believe this?! The walk way that is barely wide enough to fit two people my width has two people dragging bags behind them, creating a four person block. It’s not like I can walk around because there are bull pins of sales people on each side. It’s a straight shot to my office and I had to walk a combined total of close to four minutes to get somewhere I usually get to in about one.
“Whats the big deal DeeG you baby you had to take three more minutes out of your day to get to your desk?” Have you ever been behind some tourists who stop every 5 steps to take pictures or to read a guide? It’s terrible. It may be only a few moments or a minute here and there, but the incessant stopping and slow paced walking just is annoying. They just have to stop and see everything and talk about every detail. No worries about other people, the time is all about you. So yes it is a big deal even though it was just a 3 minute difference. It’s the pace. I can’t live life as slow as two dudes talking about sales figures drinking coffee and rolling bags…just not for me. I got numbers to crunch, spreadsheets to correct, and emails to blast.
Technology has come such a long way from the original laptop size. I do believe that my Dell work laptop weights under 5 pounds. Yes, it is lighter than most women’s purses. There are even Mac Book Airs that weigh less than 2 lbs. Not to mention, all the E-Readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, that weighs a pound…if that! Do you really need wheels on a 5 pound weight? Is it worth dragging a 10 lb bag with an extra 5 pounds in it? I’ll answer this one for you. No! Quit being lazy and use your appendages to do something other than click a mouse. “Get off your knees you’re blowing the game”

Be mindful of others. Or I will be forced to practice my People's elbow on the front of your face.

Am I the only person in the world that thinks this way? Or am I the only person who even cares enough to write it on their blog? I think it’s a little of both. But I thought you readers would get a kick out of my insight on these technological fails.



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